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‘Blind’ man gifts Nigerian lady N10,000 for Chivalry



‘Blind’ man gifts Nigerian lady N10,000 for Chivalry


Contrary to the saying, chivalry isn’t dead, especially not in Nigeria, and a Nigerian woman unknowingly proved that with her kindness towards a ‘blind’ man.

The man, who is identified as a content creator by the name Ositapopcorn, disguised himself as a handicap having troubles crossing the road.

His path crossed the lady who was unaware of the prank and decidedly took pity on him.

This was after a number of people had rejected helping the Tik Tok content creator on the street as all preferred to rather mind their own business.

But somehow, the Nigerian lady turned up to render assistance.

Obviously, she did so without knowing what would come after as the content creator proceeded to gift the lady N10,000  in a harsh weather time for a show of chivalry and kindness.

Ositapopcorn who is known for pranking people and gifting them money, uncovered his act by gifting the unsuspecting lady N10,000.

It may ultimately turn out to be a staged act, but a video like this shows a number of people every day on the streets encounter minor problems that require just nothing but are continually ignored.

It also shows, there are few who have it in them to be the exception and show little acts of kindness that don’t take a sweat from them.

Nigerians aren’t all bad it seems.

A number of social media enthusiasts reacted to the video though with accounts like, @successcloud writing:

“That word she said broke my heart. I’m sure a lot of people has asked her for something in return. God bless both of you.”

Also with @nanaakua7881 stating:

“I think the money was really meant for her, cos this was a simple task for any human .the world is really changing ooo. God help us.”


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