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Rising concerns among Democrats over Biden’s 2024 re-election bid



Biden's 2024: Narratives changing in Democrats camp

In a significant shift within the Democratic Party, concerns over President Joe Biden’s viability as a 2024 candidate have intensified following his recent debate performance against Republican challenger Donald Trump.

This development is a departure from the unified defense Biden received from party loyalists just days ago.

The growing unease culminated on Tuesday when Representative Lloyd Doggett of Texas became the first congressional Democrat to publicly call for Biden to withdraw from the race.

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In an interview with NBC News, Doggett expressed hope that other Democrats would join him in urging Biden to step aside, signaling a potential ripple effect within the party.

“It looks like the dam has broken,” a second House Democratic aide commented, reflecting the sentiment that the party’s once-solid support for Biden is now wavering.

This disquiet among Democrats is not confined to internal discussions. According to a House Democratic aide, up to 25 Democratic members of the House of Representatives are poised to call for Biden’s withdrawal if his performance continues to falter in the coming days.

The aide noted that moderate House Democrats, particularly those in competitive districts known as “frontliners,” are facing mounting questions from their constituents.

A recent Reuters/Ipsos poll underscores the growing skepticism among Democratic voters, with one in three expressing the belief that Biden should end his re-election bid. This data reflects a significant portion of the party’s base doubting Biden’s ability to secure a victory against Trump in November.

Adding to the pressure, some of Biden’s donors have voiced concerns, urging him to reconsider his candidacy. The debate performance last week, perceived as shaky by many, has intensified these calls, amplifying worries about his ability to lead a successful campaign.

Political strategists emphasize that the decision to continue or withdraw remains largely in Biden’s hands. However, the rising chorus of concerns from within his party suggests that the path to a unified Democratic front in the 2024 election is becoming increasingly complicated.