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Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy sips through first Grammy award



Beyonce’s daughter Blue Ivy sips from her first Grammy

Daughter of American superstar, Beyonce, Blue Ivy has celebrated her first Grammy win in style as she sipped juice out of her award through a straw.


The beautiful daughter of famous rapper Jay-Z and Beyonce has followed in her singing superstar parents’ footsteps.

Already she has had an award-winning start to her showbiz career at the age of nine, having made history in music as one of the youngest people to ever win a Grammy Award.

Proud mum, Beyonce, shared a glimpse of her daughter celebrating her big win on her verified Instagram page. Like a queen, Blue Ivy looked very regal in her crown when she posed for the sweet photograph, sipping out of her first-ever Grammy Award.

Mirror reports that it was celebrations all round in the Carter household on the glittering Grammy Awards night.

Beyonce broke records as she bagged another award, making it her 28th Grammy win. She also became the female with the highest Grammy Awards.

Beyonce and her daughter have an incredibly close bond, as well as a shared mutual love and talent in music.

Speaking in an interview, Beyonce shared some rare insight on her daughter, Blue, in November last year.

She told Vogue: “Blue is very smart, and she is aware that there is a shift, but it is my job as a parent to do my best to keep her world as positive and safe as can be for an eight-year-old.”

She added, “Blue saw some of the reactions to the Brown Skin Girl video, as well as some of the videos from the philanthropic work I’ve done this year.

“When I tell her I’m proud of her, she tells me that she’s proud of me and that I’m doing a good job. It’s teeeeeew much sweetness. She melts my heart. I believe the best way to teach them is to be the example.”

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