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‘Beyonce’ The Newest Course At Copenhagen University



“Beyoncé, Gender and Race” will be taught the same way as other cultural courses such as opera, at Copenhagen University.

“One of the goals [of the class] is to introduce black feminist thought, which is not well known in Scandinavia. We want to explore the kind of entity feminism is,” Erik Steinskog said.

“We will analyse her songs and music videos. There will be a focus on gender, sexuality and race,” he said.
“Beyoncé is important in understanding the world we live in. Beyoncé is one of the biggest pop artists today, which makes her important in an analysis of contemporary times,” Prof Steinskog added.
Already 75 students at the university have signed up for the course.

Staffordshire’s University also offered a course in David Beckham studies in which participants explored some of the sociological implications behind society’s obsession with footballers.

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