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Ben Foster reveals a funny secret about Gary Neville



Ben Foster reveals a funny secret about Gary Neville

Manchester United legend, Gary Neville is very much the hilarious personality, and if there is one thing about him that drives his then teammates, it was his confidence.

Speaking highly of him, is former Watford goalkeeper, Ben Foster who at some point in the early days of his career, was once a teammate of Gary Neville.

For Ben Foster, if there is one thing to take from the then United captain, it was his boldness and confidence in the dressing room without needing a support system.

Foster captures this by revealing an incident where the then Manchester United goalkeeper needed to negotiate contract terms with the board.

Ben Foster reveals a funny secret about Gary Neville

Ben Foster stated he met his United teammate for advice but was shocked at the response Neville gave him regarding contract negotiations.

Gary Neville revealed awkwardly to the goalie that he should go in there with Sir Alex Ferguson and the board by himself and without an agent.

The former Valencia manager revealed he doesn’t see the point in having an agent go in to negotiate contract for him considering he knows what he wants and what he is worth.

Speaking to talkSport, Foster said:

“When I was at Manchester United when I was younger, I remember I was up for a new contract and I actually grabbed Gary Neville and said ‘Listen, I’m going for a new contract and I need a bit of advice’.

“He went ‘who’s your agent?’ and I told him and he went ‘why do you need an agent?

Ben Foster reveals a funny secret about Gary Neville

“And I went ‘well, I’m 23-years-old, I don’t really want to be going in with Sir Alex Ferguson and David Gill and trying to do my own contract’.

“He then said ‘well, I do my own contracts’ and I’m thinking ‘well you’re Gary Neville though’.

“Isn’t that the most Gary Neville thing you’ve ever heard in your life? But he said ‘I’ll sit in the room with them and say I’m worth this and there’s no way they can tell me that you’re not worth that’.

“Because he can then say, ‘What, am I not good enough then?’, so he would do it that way. You’ve got to be a strong individual, you’ve got to know your stuff if you’re going in for contract talks.”

Ben Foster joined Manchester United from Stoke City in 2005 and went on to spend 5 years at the club before leaving for Birmingham City in 2010 after earning 23 appearances for the Red Devils.

He went on to have spells at West Brom and later Watford, who he left at the end of last season, as opposed to Neville who spent the entirety of his career at United before his retirement in 2011.

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