He added, “We don’t receive cash like before. When people passed here and we begged them for help, they will say there is no money.

“Everybody is complaining that the government policy is affecting them. It is affecting us as well. There is no money.

“We only get little food from people. Nobody is ready to give you beyond N20. Government really needs to do something to do this.”

Ibrahim Athairu claimed that before the new naira policy, he was able to provide for his family’s needs.

He lamented, “Before the issue of this new naira notes, the money I was getting was enough for my transport fare and my family’s needs.

“But right now, it is even difficult to get the money that will transport me back to where I stay and feed.

“Since the morning that we came out, I only got N150 and I have to take care of myself and two children. I cannot walk and this is what I used to survive, the policy is telling us.”

Another beggar, Suraju Talleh, pleaded with the president to find a solution to the naira scarcity issue in the country, stressing that many people were being impacted by the scarcity.

He added, “Before the whole naira issue, I used to make over N4,000 daily, but it is difficult to even see N100 now.

“People don’t have enough cash so how can they give from the little that is not even enough for them?”