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Basket mouth admits being guilty of criticizing pastors, says he won’t stop even if ‘it attracts leprosy’



Nigerian comedian and skit-maker Basketmouth has admitted being guilty of the act of criticizing Pastors when they are wrong, even if it could attract leprosy.

His statement is coming after Pastor Oyedepo, in a response to the criticism of Men of God, stated that being a criticizing Pastors would attract Leprosy on oneself.

The comedian however decided to take his chances as he vows never to cease on such action as he is a critique himself.

According to Basketmouth, he did it 7 times yesterday and he has already done it 15 times as of the time he made the post, as he doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon.

“This news dey make me laugh cos I’m so guilty of this. Did it again 7 times yesterday and 15 times already today, an I know I have 50 more to go today” He wrote.


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