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Arsenal Fan TV tour of Nigeria proves the lucky Charm for Arsenal in top 4 Race



There most definitely were a lot to talk about in this weekend’s fixtures Premier League games; starting from the ever persistent title chasing duo of Liverpool and Manchester City, the resilient and gritty battle against relegation by relegation rivals; Everton, Burnley and Watford. And of course, the confirmed relegation status of Norwich City after their defeat to Aston Villa.

But what was somewhat left out of the news or the media hype train was the out of the blue visit by controversial YouTube channel, ‘AFTV’ to Nigeria by its founder, Robbie Lyle. The visit came over the weekend as the group sat for a watch along with fellow fans for the Arsenal versus West Ham game.

It was one of those initiatives that was designed by the famed channel together with its sponsors, to bring about a meet up with the club’s biggest fan base in West Africa, which ironically happened to be Nigeria.

It certainly doesn’t come as a surprise though as Arsenal Football Club boasts a large following amongst Nigerians.

The tour very much went well for the London visitors, who took some excitement interacting with fans alike and discussing the prospects of the football club in general and its hope for a top 4 finish at the end of the Premier League season.

Banters from rival fans didn’t go unnoticed though as the Arsenal fans were trolled on the idea of bitter North London rivals, Tottenham finishing ahead of them in the Champions League places.

The banters almost became a reality though, with Tottenham Hotspurs starting the Sunday match day ahead of Arsenal in the top 4 spot after victory over Leicester City with a cruising 3-1 victory.

But fortunes eventually smiled on the Gunners amidst the jabs, as they witnessed a turnaround from their as it grinded out a 2-1 victory against London neighbors, West Ham–a proverbial icing on the cake for Robbie Lyle’s visit to Nigeria.

For Nigerian Arsenal fans, it was one of those days to be cherished, and for AFTV, a honor to share what might become a significant moment for Arsenal Football Club’s season with fellow fans from the West African region.

Surely, the tour of Nigeria by Arsenal Fan TV brought about good fortunes for Arsenal should they end up finishing 4th this season.