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Anyim boasts to use his crisis managerial skills to build Nigeria in 2023



Senator Pius Ayim, a former Secretary to the Government of the Federation and Peoples Democratic Party’s presidential aspirant, on Monday, talked delegates of the party in Kaduna State into voting for him during the upcoming PDP presidential primary slated for May 28.

Ayim told the delegates that he is a nation builder and Nigeria needs someone like him rescue her from the present predicaments.

As a crisis manager when he was the Senate President, Anyim noted he would use his experience to navigate Nigeria out of its current woes if elected the next president of the country.

Ayim further told the delegates that the only way to return Nigeria to the country of “our dream” was to pick a leader like him that would place Nigerians first above all other things.

According to him, the challenges confronting Nigeria today are complex and it will require a “consensus” leader to make the country great again.

He said, “I am saying we have no other country and what we are looking for at a time like this is a man who will unite us for us to be our brothers’ keepers. That is the leadership that I am offering.

“Today in Nigeria, many people will come and single out security; many people will come and single out the economy. I can tell you that problems are complex and one leading to the other.

“If you ask me, the challenge before us now is to get the right leadership who knows the problem and how to fix the problems.

“I want to say that the situation we are in Nigeria today requires a consensus builder like me to bring all shades of opinions together and address everybody’s needs. I have no other country than Nigeria.

“If you give me chance, we will work together to make Nigeria what we want it to become – great. We are convinced in my team that Nigeria will be great again.”

He added, “I am going to address only one area. I have told you that if I revamp the economy of Kaduna, the insecurity will come down.

“I speak as a nation builder. I speak as a nationalist. The foundation of our nation as it is can only be strengthened by a nation builder.

“It is not just an election season, we are about to recruit a leader that will lead Nigeria out of this problem to prosperity, the person who will lead Nigeria out of this problem of insecurity; the person who will understand that the lives of every Nigerian are important.

“I realize and you know it that the whole of the textile industry at Kakuri is now dead. That is the foundation of insecurity around here. That’s the major reason for insecurity around here.

“One thing you can take from me is, I will make a commitment to Kaduna people before I go today. I will revive the textile industry so that all our teeming youths roaming around the streets will find engagement there.”

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