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Anti-Lukaku sentiments echoed in Italy by Juventus fans



Anti-Lukaku sentiments echoed in Italy by Juventus fans

An alien on both sides of the divide…

Anti-Lukaku sentiments grow strong in Italy as Juventus fans storm the stadium in protest of the Belgian star.

Turbulence struck the Allianz Stadium as fervent Juventus fans swarmed the pitch to express their disapproval of the potential signing of Romelu Lukaku from Chelsea as reports continually links the Inter Milan man to the club.

The demonstration came as a response to Lukaku’s past association with Inter Milan, a connection the supporters find difficult to reconcile.

Romelu Lukaku, in his first few seasons with Inter Milan prior to his move to Chelsea, aided in Inter’s first Serie A title in years under the management of Antonio Conte.

His return to Milan also led to the Italian club’s foray into a Champions League final in years, however this summer appears to bring the drama to his forefront as his future hangs in the balance.

His return to Chelsea, after a less successful stint, seems to be culminating in a possible move to Juventus, orchestrated by the Italian team’s officials to salvage his career.

The fans’ dissatisfaction with this prospect was manifestly evident during Wednesday’s 8-0 victory against the club’s reserve side, when they boldly stormed the pitch to chant anti-Lukaku sentiments of: “Don’t sign Lukaku!”

This protest resonated with a previous message displayed by the Curva Sud group, urging Lukaku to remain in Milan, citing his role in a decisive Champions League moment and humorously dubbing him “a second goalkeeper.”

The discontent brewing in the stands had already been audible in the form of anti-Lukaku chants.

The verbal protests eventually translated to a visual spectacle, as a significant portion of the fanbase bypassed security measures and flooded the playing area.

Stewards promptly assembled to form a barrier near the tunnel, aiming to quell the sudden disruption.

Coinciding with the, Chelsea target, Dusan Vlahovic managed to find the net for Juventus.

This follows reports linking Vlahovic and Lukaku in a swap deal with Chelsea, which as reports state, the West London club have rejected.