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Another Premier League weekend goes by without a Shake-Up at the Top



Again, another League weekend goes down leaving football neutrals yawning with its predictability.

As with every weekend or match day, it ends with one of the top two teams (Liverpool, Man City) playing first, winning, moving a step ahead on the table only for the other to return once again to cover the gap. It’s becoming a repeated cycle, lacking of the usual English Football drama the world has known it for.

At this stage in the competition, in prior seasons before the advent of the Guardiola/Klopp era, the world must have witnessed a couple of slip ups along the way now, mostly coming from the under dogs in the competition coming in to cause some virile upsets that leave audiences wowed up.

But that certainly hasn’t been the case any more in this season, which very much speaks of the level of the English game now and how far behind the 18 teams below these two really are.

The world very much sat patiently, eye raised hoping this weekend will prove the exception in the race against the league title, that Newcastle would put up a fight (well, they did for the most part actually, keeping the Reds at bay for considerable lengths which can’t be said for a Leeds United whose players ultimately gave up and handed with their own hands the title to Manchester City even before the kickoff whistle was blown)

It’s very much the direction of the league these days, with every team caving in and letting the league title drag on in a boring-fest that lack any excitement. With the way the Premier League has gone in the past 5 seasons of Klopp and Guardiola, it very much would reach a point where the English game would lose its appeal and probably become the equivalent of the La Liga; a 2 horse race, with the other teams just fighting for a seat to watch.