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#Anambra2021: Azuka Okwuosa’s victory is a threat – APGA, PDP & YPP





Alarms have gone off in the camps of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP), as the All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial primary elections draw nearer.

The APC’s opposition groups have particularly expressed their concerns about one of the party’s candidates, Hon Azuka Okwuosa – an aspirant whose chances of winning were possibly not well estimated by the competition at the start of the race.

Since his entry into the governorship contest, Hon Azuka Okwuosa, the APC’s leading gubernatorial aspirant, has displayed a strong ambition to drive development and progress in Anambra to the benefit of Anambrarians.

His track record of political skill, business savvy, and charismatic leadership distinguishes him from the vast majority of the aspirants within APC and beyond.

In light of his history and progress in the contest, some have argued that Okwuosa has the makings of the governor needed in Anambra at this point in time.

This issue has caused opposition party stakeholders to fear that if Okwuosa wins the APC primaries, their prospects of winning the election will be cut in half.

To the opposition’s chagrin, Hon Okwuosa has amassed a sizable following among Anambra natives and Anambrarians abroad. The turnout of supporters at his just concluded ward tour and the mammoth crowd of youths that have graced his rallies lend validity to the opposition’s fears.

It is safe to say that Okwuosa has enchanted Anambrarians with his pleasant aura and genuine desire to repair his beloved damaged state.

As intimidating as his followership size may be, it is not the singular cause for alarm. Okwuosa has received irreversible endorsement from several notable individuals, groups and associations.

The majority of the state’s youngsters, women, traders, religious leaders, and monarchs have enlisted their support for his pursuit of the governorship seat.

He has also built relationships and formed long term collaborations with major stakeholders and key industry players by convincing them of his willingness and ability to pull off a dramatic transformation of Anambra state.

The oppositions are well aware that Azuka Okwuosa has done his homework and his blueprint for the state’s development is a proof.

Rather than focus on developing an ambiguous and lengthy profile, as is in the nature of many politicians, he has clearly itemised his proposed plan for pushing Anambra into a new level. Okwuosa’s agenda leaves no stone unturned, as he intends to revamp and maximise every part of the economy, from infrastructure to agriculture, and even the film industry – something no other candidate has been able to adequately articulate to this point.

Another point of contention for the opposition is that a candidate with such a laser-like focus on the governorship election will undoubtedly limit the activities of corrupt officials within the system and direct funds only to key areas.

His down-to-business approach to governance makes him unpopular among some of the bad eggs in the political space.

As a result of the looming threat, trustworthy sources have indicated that some opposition members have been lobbying APC members to vote against Okwuosa in the party’s primary on June 26; a scheme that would almost certainly fail.

What matters most is that Anambrarians have identified a man who is genuinely committed to their welfare; a man that is keeping other aspirants on their toes. APC is expected to put their best foot forward by fielding the candidate who is not only qualified for the job, but poses a grave threat to the opposition.


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