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American rapper T.I checks his daughter’s hymen every year



T.i and his daughter

T.I has revealed that he takes his almost 18-year-old daughter to the hospital check if her hymen has been broken

The rapper made this known in a recent interview stating that he takes his daughter, Deyjah Imani Harris to the hospital annually to check if she’s still a virgin. He also revealed that he not only goes to the hospital with her but also waits to get the results immediately.

The trips began after Deyjah’s sixteenth birthday, Harris said, and his daughter is required to sign a waiver allowing the doctor to share the “results” with him.

The episode of the Ladies Like Us podcast was released on Tuesday (Nov 5) but appeared to have been removed Wednesday afternoon after it went viral on social media.


He also explained he’s playing his role as a parent to keep his daughter away from making bad decisions bad decisions.

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