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Always Feeling Drained?



Spirit is the life force, the vital energy that fuels all life. Spirit is the spark or the portion of the Divine Source that’s in every living thing. It has a consciousness of its own.
“Imagine yourself as a being of energy and light – because in reality … you are!” So many people don’t realize that we are in fact energetic sentient beings and we often forget just how precious and important this vital energy is to our body as well as our soul.

Many times you might say to yourself: “I feel so drained!” but even though you got enough sleep and rest, somehow you still feel tired. Yes, if it persists, it’s always wise to get a medical check-up but you might want to ask yourself: “What cords are attached to me?” Maybe you have an unfinished project that you keep putting off, excessive worrying about something that is beyond your control, taking on the problems of a friend, relationship or family issue, etc. All of these create a leakage of your Chi, and once you deal with the cords and see where they can be cut safely and dealt with accordingly, the more energy there will be for you.

It is possible to bring that vital energy back into you. When I need a boost of spirit, I go and exercise, go the beach and breathe, or do something that I love – something that will infuse my soul once again. When was the last time you did something for yourself, something that you love doing, something that infuses your soul?
Maybe it’s time to consider taking an exercise class, a dance class, practicing Tai Chi or even joining a meditation class. These are just a few suggestions that will bring that vital energy back into your soul and revitalize your body, mind as well as your soul.

Another great idea is to always remember breath is power! The human body is sustained by the same prana (energy) that nourishes the universe. With normal breathing, we inhale and exhale a regular amount of prana. When depleted of prana we often complain about feeling tired or unwell. Go to the mountains, a forest, or anywhere where there’s greenery. Breathe in slowly and deeply to a steady rhythm. By controlling and regulating your breathing, it’s possible to bring in more of this valuable, yet vital energy source.

Please don’t be one of those people who say: “When I have time, I will do something.” Those are the people who rarely ever get around to it. Your time is so precious here in this physical world. Remember you’re a spiritual being having human experiences – so honor all of you.

Take the time for you – your soul – your body – and your life. After all, aren’t you worth it?

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