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Comedian Ali Baba questions the source of wealth of Nollywood actresses



Ali Baba questions how Nollywood actresses make money

Most recently, Nollywood actresses and celebrities have come down heavy fire particularly when a certain blogger alleged a number of them were having an affair with respected clergyman, Apostle Suleiman.

But for veteran Nigerian comedian and actor, Ali Baba, he is coming out of the wood work to question how Nollywood actresses have the source of income they possess to lead extravagant lives.

He took the swipe on them when he released a video questioning their lifestyles and source of income.

In the video, he asks that the audiences stop being misled by these ladies a number of younger girls looked up to them.

According to Ali Baba, the number of films they shoot in a year doesn’t explain how they get  to fund the lifestyles they flaunt on social media.

He said:

Ali Baba questions how Nollywood actresses make money

“How many movies have you done that gave you 45 Million naira to buy a house? The industry that you just joined?” Ali Baba asked.

“I may be tempted to mention names but I will not. We went to Dubai one time and I see this Actress, I saw the person she was with. I greeted them, they greeted me and everything.

“Two days later, I see her posting “Lounging in Dubai” can you buy your ticket? The ones that do business and make money, we know them. So don’t come online and be putting girls on High jump.

“Even if you act in movies and they pay you 5 Million.. How many movies do you do in a year?”