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AGN president reveals why celebrity marriages are under demonic attack




Emeka Rollas, the National President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria has stated that the marriages and relationships of many Nigerian celebrities are under attack by demonic forces.


Emeka Rollas took to his Instagram page to state that such forces are using blackmailers and bloggers to hack voice notes and private conversations of many.

He also prayed for celebrity marriages and relationships in the country saying, “Oh God, dispose them of these wicked gadgets in Jesus name.”

Recently, many celebrities had been facing challenges in their marriages which had become a hot topic of discussion on social media.

Still on the matter, Gambian-born Ghanaian actress, Princess Shyngle, has advised African female celebrities to stop dating and marrying ‘attention seekers’ that could ruin their lives using social media.

Shyngle gave the advice on her official Instagram account on Thursday.

According to her, careers of many African female celebrities had been destroyed because of unfaithful marriage. She wrote, “African female celebrities are trying. We will just be on our own and the devil will come into your life in disguise as a man looking for love and a wife.

“We fall for it, thinking we have found a soulmate and trust him completely, but by the time we realise he is the devil himself, it is too late.”

The actress noted that if one decided to quietly dump them and walk away, the supposed lover would run to social media to wreak havoc.

“They did this to get little fame and attention but may God protect us from such men,” Shyngle prayed.

Shyngle explained that any man that genuinely loved and cared for a woman would never go online to bash them in spite of all odds, therefore, ladies need to be careful on who they trust and share their secrets with as life partners, to save their hard-earned careers.

Meanwhile, Nollywood actress and film executive Mary Remmy Njoku has fired back at Actors Guild of Nigeria president Emeka Rollas over his recent Big Brother Naija comment.

TopNaija recalls the actor turned politician wrote on Instagram: “Nollywood! Not a dumping ground for evictees!!! Case closed.”

In an Instagram post shared on Monday, September 7, 2021, Njoku expressed that she strongly disagreed with Rollas with details of how Nollywood had saved people previously perceived to be unemployable.

“Nollywood is Nigeria’s no 1 rehabilitation center. She is indeed a dumping ground to all society rejects. An employer of the unemployable. A shelter to all who have lost their way. A mother to the confused and misunderstood. She doesn’t judge,” Njoku wrote.

“Many of us were unemployable in the society when we joined Nollywood. No degree, no certificates. If not for Nollywood so many people would have committed suicide because of stigmatization and discrimination.”

Rollas comment also earned him a jab from actor Bolanle Ninalowo who called him out for discrimination.

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