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Actor Odunlade Adekola in sex-for-role scandal [DETAILS]



odunlade adekola sex for role



Popular Nollywood actor Odunlade Adekola who is married with four kids has been accused of being involved in a sex-for-movie-role scandal.

Adekola and Wife

Adekola and his Wife Ruth

Though it has been severally alleged that the actor is fond of sleeping around and has been said to be romantically involved with younger colleagues like Eniola Ajao, Bukola Adeeyo, Kemi Afolabi and more. One of his colleagues cum ex lover, Taiwo Aromokun even confirmed this in an interview before relocating abroad years ago.

“I am very blunt and God-fearing. I actually went out on a date with Odunlade Adekola. I will not deny it. But we are no longer dating each other. We are just friends now. In fact, we will remain just friends for the rest of our lives. We are still close….We broke up for a personal reason. I wanted to move on with my life. Odun was married with two adorable sons and he was not ready to take a second wife. So there was no point in continuing the relationship. I would have married him if he had asked me. Despite the fact that we are no longer lovers, we still communicate with each other.” Taiwo Aromokun disclosed.


Adekola and ex-lover Taiwo

The actor has since been called out for allegedly been involved in a sex-for-movie-role scandal with one Nike.

Popular Instagram bog, Gist lover claimed thus “Dear Odunlade Adekola, You are a fantastic Actor who has carve a niche for himself in this industry, you are good at what you do BUT you need to stop this S*X FOR ROLES SHIT. it’s been like that since forever and no one is calling you to order, from Taiwo Aromokun…. to Eniola Ajao…to Bukola Adeeyo and Many more…Now the latest babe is this small girl named Nike who is also your student.


Dear Odun, you can’t keep doing this, we all should be accountable, we all want a working system in Nigeria, it starts with us, let us all flush the government behavior in us first,nallow girls get to the top without hanging their legs, mentor them without opening their skirt, you sef look this Girl well, if you quick born, you go born this small girl now….this is a gentle warning to you to seize and desist from hanging girls leg, help them grow without shooking your prick in their holes always. Be a perfect gentle man, don’t allow this small girl continue to disrespect your wife. I come in peace”

Responding to the allegations, Odunlade Adekola stated that he does not react to rumours, but in this case, he chose to because of other actresses who might have the intention of coming into the movie industry. In his words:Odunlade Adekola profile

You don’t need to reply to everything, but there are some things they’ll say about you that you must clear because of the future. Let me clear this one. They said I normally demand sex before I give anyone a role, that I ask for sex from ladies in my group before giving them roles. I, Odunlade Adekola, has never ever done this. I cannot make anyone a star, but to any of the ladies (lists names) that have passed through me, do not make attempts to cover up for me, if I have ever asked for sex before giving you any role, please drop comments under this post. I just have to come out to clear this because of the young ones coming into the industry later, I just have to do this.

Meanwhile, his Nollywood colleagues, including Foluke Daramola, Jumoke Otedola, Salami Rotimi, have thrown their weights behind Odunlade Adekola after he was accused of demanding sex-for-roles.

The stars gave their support to Adekola after he denied the allegation via his social media page.

Jumoke Otedola said: “Who God has blessed, no man can curse! Don’t stress sir. You are a shining star that can’t go dim. What about me that you have featured as a lead cast in many of your movies.”

Laide Bakare said: “We are proud of you.” Omowunmi Ajiboye said: “God is your strength bro.” Salami Rotimi: “God will bless who he will bless.” Foluke Daramola said: “It’s well with u bro. Take it easy.”


Born on 31st of December, 1978, in Abeokuta, the capital of Ogun State, southwestern Nigeria, Odunlade Adekola gained popularity and was widely known for his lead role in Ishola Durojaye’s 2003 movie, Asiri Gomina Wa, and has acted in multiple Nollywood movies since then. He is the founder and CEO of the Odunlade Adekola Film Production (OAFP).


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