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Abuja street beggar caught with N500,000, $100 note



An Abuja street beggar has been detained by authorities after being caught with cash amount of N500,000 and a $100 bill. Residents were thrown into confusion following the amount found in the suspects possession.

While speaking to authorities, the suspect identified herself only as Hadiza Ibrahim.

The spokesperson for the Federal Capital Territory Administration, Social and Development Secretariat, Shaka Sunday,  said the suspect had yet to explain how she came about the money found on her, and that the woman was in the agency’s custody at the Bwari area council.

Sunday said, “We caught the woman with $100 and N500,000.

“The lady is still in our Centre in Bwari.  She is undergoing profiling because she has not been able to give us all the relevant information and how she came about the money.”

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