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Abramovich’s fight with UK Government could cost Chelsea Premier League football Next Season



Chelsea former owner, Roman Abramovich

FILE PHOTO: Soccer Football – Premier League – Chelsea v Newcastle United – Stamford Bridge, London, Britain – March 13, 2022 General view of the stand during the match REUTERS/David Klein

Chelsea’s season may be indifferent but from how the chess pieces are being moved, things could be a lot different for the club next season.

From the current view of things, and from reports going down media platforms, it appears former Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich isn’t backing down without a fight as the Russian is said to have recently made a wide turn around over the decision to cancel the loan Chelsea Football club owes him.

This turn around could very much cause serious issues for Chelsea and whoever is coming to poach the club from the UK government, seeing as no fee goes to its former owner as regards its sale.

Abramovich had decided in February to sell the London club, after being pressured to by the British government as a result of his relationship with Russian President Vladmir Putin in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Initially it was reported that the billionaire would ignore the £1.6 billion Chelsea owed him in loans so as to foster its sale and not condemn the club who according to him had become a casualty of a regional conflict it has no concerns with. However, on Tuesday, the 3rd of May something had hit a snag with Times reporting that Abramovich is plotting to break on his promise of ignoring the money owed him by Chelsea.

This comes after Sir Jim Ratcliffe, UK’s wealthiest man had launched a bid last week to buy the club only for American Boehly group to be named as the preferred bidder.

The report then goes on to say that the club had told the UK government and its preferred bidder that the deal was to be restructured to include the £1.6 billion going to the club’s parent company, which appeared to be linked to the current owner.

The sanctions against Abramovich has the Russian’s assets frozen and whatever was to be received from the club’s sale intended to be given to charity and also those affected in Ukraine by the war. Although, according to Sport’s journalist, Fabrizio Romano, Roman’s interest lies on the agreement that he will most likely consider selling the club without any issues whatsoever to whoever has genuine interests in the club at heart and was ready to invest in it.

But the repercussions of things stalling, according to Daily Mail’s Rob Draper could very much be serious for Chelsea as the Premier League meets in June to work out decisions for the coming 2022/23 season and if Chelsea aren’t licensed to operate then, the club might not feature in the Premier League’s plans.

Draper further explains that though there is an established deadline on May 31st for the club’s sale, the club would be in trouble if they weren’t sold by June 8th, when the Premier League clubs meet. This is the time when their temporary license by the government, which has given them the privilege to continue its activities for the rest of the season ends.

And without a license to operate as a business, the club would not be allowed to continue in the league.

It seems Abramovich has good intentions for the club but as it goes, the bureaucracy of things could very much cost one party, which side that will be, is left to unknown.