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9 signs your relationship just got really serious



You know the first stage of your relationship where you both are still all lovey-dovey, having butterflies in your belly, texting each other all day because you both can’t stop thinking about each other and all that good stuff? Well, that’s just how it starts out for everyone or rather most people.


But sooner or later, when the butterflies calm down (a little), you’re going to start wondering where the relationship is headed.


If you get to this stage, here are the signs to look out for to know if your relationship just got (or is getting) serious:


1. You both start splitting bills.

At this stage you can be open about splitting the bill or allowing your partner pick it up

Now you both are past the whole stage of forming, you can be more open about being broke or short of cash and decide to either have the other party cover the bill or better still split it.


2. You know people close to your partners.

You get to know people that are really close to your partners, their siblings, best friends and you even become friends with their close pals.


3. You send random selfies to each other.

Whether ugly or peng pictures of you, you are really not bothered about how you look and you’re eager to send selfies to your partners.


4. You’re planning for the future.

This is when you know it’s really getting serious, you both are planning to be in each other’s lives for a very long time and even thinking of baby names already.

A couple that plans together stays together

5. You have pictures of each other on social media.

Most girls really believe if you don’t post them on your page it probably means you have a sidechick or a girlfriend so this is a kind of reassurance that it’s all about them and nobody else.


6. Sleepovers don’t mean sex.

Not every time sex, some times cuddle

You can go over to each other’s house and be uninterested in having sex, it doesn’t mean you both are no longer attracted to each other, sometimes it’s okay to cuddle up and sleep.


7. You know your partner’s favourite meal or junks.

This is how you get to bribe your partner when you offend them.


8. You get free with your partner.

Your partner gets to see the crazy side of you nobody really sees. You become each other’s gossip partner, can fart freely around them without being shy and do annoying stuff only your partner can take, you both are now comfortable around each other.

9. You know peace. When all you fell about him/her is peace, this can be a strong signal about true, lasting love.