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5 Weird Foods People Eat



Food is something very important to mankind. With the variety of foods available to us, its unbelievable that people still eat what you might scream- D I S G U S T I N G !!!!!

BALUT, Philippines
Meaning ‘wrapped’ is Commonly sold as street food in the Philippines, this meal is actually a developing embryo of a bird that is cooked and eaten from the shell with salt, chili, garlic or vinegar .It is also eaten in Laos, Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam.
Apart from its high nutrients, it is believed to be a stimulator of sexual drive for men, and a traditional hangover cure.

Surely Nigeria is a learner when it comes to eating weird foods.


HARKAL, Iceland
Meaning treated shark is a national dish in Iceland, made from the carcass of a shark, buried underground and pressed with stones as a cleaning process, after which it is hung to dry for for to five months ,due to it’s high ammonia content, first time eaters may puke at when they perceive the smell.

I remember the first day i perceived ammonia in chemistry class, it disrupted my stomach, how then do i think of putting something with same smell in my mouth?


Also known as blood sausage is commonly eaten around the world, it is made from animal blood (mostly pork), animal fat, Oats or any other ingredients as desired is often grilled, baked or boiled.

How did the white make it sound so yummy, cause the only time i heard of blood pudding was when someone said when he was younger, his family was so poor that they ate blood pudding (i’ve forgotten the yoruba name he called it), because they could not afford meat.


We have all heard of rice crackers, oats crackers and a host of others , but wasp crackers?. That’s one of the things the Japanese has dished out to the world…… A combination of rice and wasps.

The wasps are collected , boiled in water, dried and sprinkled in the crackers mixture.

So instead of your chocolate chipped crackers, you have WASPS!!!


Meaning rotten cheese. Gotten from sheep milk cheese when maggots are introduced to it.Maggots  breaksdown the cheese fat to a soft batter, which is left to not only ferment, but to also decompose.
It also contains a high level of ammonia. Some natives eat it with the maggots, while others prefer removing the maggots before devouring.

Wonders shall never end…..

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