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5 requirements women over-estimate in potential partners



For long you’ve had in your mind, the picture of what your ideal  man looks like, but is that really what is good for you? brings you key things women over-emphasize in men.

Single women are fond of readily defining features in their mind, and then trying to see if potential partners fit the model they have crafted carefully.

On top of that, a lot of women prioritize character traits simply because they believe that’s what everyone wants.

Ultimately, all that should matter is what you want.

So, if you have ever been crazily resolute about the things listed below, you need to relax the strictness of the rules.

You can be with a man who does not have them and still be happy in love.

So, what are the five traits women give undue priority to?

Good dresser

Let a guy be who he is. That he doesn’t dress like your favourite movie star does not make him less of a lover.

And that you favourite movie star dresses the way he does is not a guarantee that he knows the first thing about holding a relationship down.

Of course, you need someone who you can proudly introduce to people, and when you find a guy who truly loves you and looks just presentable enough, you should give him a chance.

Love, understanding, respect and compromise are more important traits to concentrate on than a good dress sense.

Deep pockets

Of course, this article will be incomplete without getting to the issue of money.

Mind you, there is nothing wrong with falling in love with a rich man, provided every other thing is right.

If, however, wealth is the only thing you are concerned about, you might live to regret it.

Wealth does not guarantee happiness. Pay attention to the full package, not just some aspect you want to see.

6 feet and above

Somehow, society has aided the spread of the belief among young women that the ideal man for them has to be tall. Really?

First things first, look around you, of every ten men you see, how many of them are 6 feet tall or above?

Secondly, would you rather be with a short man who gets everything right, or a tall one who does not know the first thing about treating a woman right?

Desiring a tall man is Ok, but priorities should be kept as reasonable as possible.

Remember, your happiness above everything else.

Other women want him

Rejecting a man because other women do not want him is not particularly a sensible move.

If you like a man that other women do not like, shouldn’t you be happy? Logically, that reduces the risk of him being snatched from you, right?

Besides, do you really need other people’s validation to fall in love with someone?

“A man who can handle me”

Often times when women say that they need a man “who can handle” them, it means they need someone who can get them to rein in their tendency to be very wild and indisciplined.

If you ever find that, you are lucky, but in the instance that you meet a great guy who is soft-spoken and does not have the ability to tame you, will you let him go just because of that?

The task of being disciplined is yours and not that of a man. Learn to tame yourself, be a manager of your own wildness.

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