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5 Countries You Never Knew Existed



Was surfing the net some weeks back when i came across some countries i had never heard of .

I read more on the countries and decided to drop this in for you to see……………



Capital; Vientiane

The Peoples Republic of Laos, also known as Muang Lao is a socialist state located in southern Asia with a population of about 6.5 million, speaks Lao and depends heavily on investment and trade with neighbouring countries.

A large percentage of the population are Buddhist. In this socialist state where polygamy is a crime, the government strongly controls the media to avoid critique of their action. The news paper is also produced by the government.




Capital; Paramaribo

The smallest independent country in south America has a population of about 566,000 people. Its one of the most diverse countries in the world. They speak Dutch and Sranan, english based creole.It has a tropical climate . Majority are christains , they bank well on their bauxite as a major source of revenue.



Capital; Chisinau

This moderately continental climate landlocked east-european country has a population of about 3,000,000. It gained independence on the 27th of August 1991.

Moldovans speak russia as the official language and are majorly Christians.The first post-soviet state as had its own share of civil unrest and war. Though it depends on russia for energy, it has a well established wine  and agricultural industry.



Capital; Castries

This sovereign island in the caribbean has a tropical climate and is the most diverse in the caribbean with a population of about 185,000.

This independent state associated with the United Kingdom speaks English ,has more mountains than other caribbean island, has no regular military force and the economy banks well on its manufacturing and tourism sector.



Capital; Oranjestad

Seated in the Southern Caribbean sea, is one of the 4 countries that makes up the Kingdom of Netherlands, it has a tropical climate and no major cities.

This constituent country of Netherlands has one of the highest standard of living in the caribbean with a population of about 103,400, with Dutch as the official language. The economy relies on  tourism and petroleum refining.




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