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3 real reasons early morning sex is good for couples



As a couple that spends so much time together, sex could sometimes be slow, lazy, languid and sensational.

Those are for days and times when you’re both at home, or taking a baecation or staycation with not much to do than just enjoy being with each other.

At other times, there isn’t much time and you get to speed things up. Actually switching things up is good for sex and romance in a relationship.

And in exchange for nights of lazy sex, you can have mornings of quick, hurried passionate sex… just before you both rush to work!

A man's greatest need?

Here are three amazing reasons why you should absolutely have morning sex with bae regularly:

1. It’s healthy

Think of it as a fun way to do your cardio workout!

“Studies have shown that individuals who engage in morning sex are healthier and happier people,” says Wendy Strgar, author of ‘Sex That Works.’

2. Helps you focus better at work

Getting rid of pent-up sexual tension before going to work is important, as it helps you concentrate on the work at hand, instead of having your mind roving.

It’s like getting something out of your system in the morning allows you to dedicate your energy elsewhere.

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Clinical sexologist Dr. Dawn Michael says; “For women, an orgasm releases dopamine and this can be beneficial for concentration throughout the day as well as a boost of energy.”

3. Not exhausting

Sometimes one returns late from work, tired and just hungry for sleep and nothing more. Sex isn’t even imaginable at such times because you are exhausted.

But it could be a totally different thing when you’ve just woken up and very energized.

Let’s do this, baby!