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16 Year Old Boy paid N1,500 to deliver Human Parts



Lawali Abubakar, a 16-year-old scavenger, has revealed that he being offered N5,000 while given a part payment sum of N1,500 to exhume a dead body from the Chachanga cemetery in Niger State, and supply the corpse’s fingers.

Lawali went on to reveal he had gone to the cemetery with a friend named Salisu, whose whereabouts at the moment are currently unknown, to exhume the corpse only to be caught by a policeman on patrol around the cemetery.

The two being unable to account for their presence at that specific hour, was held up by the Officer only for Salisu to use the night as a window to escape.

Lawali confessed that night hadn’t been his first in engaging in dubious activities of the night, revealing he had previously delivered human body parts to a client he chose to identify as Oga Hamisu.

“A man sent us to work for him. He said that while we were scavenging, we should should get four fingers from a corpse at the cemetery and he would pay us N5,000. When we got to the cemetery, we got him what he demanded and he gave us the money.” The 16 year old submitted.

In further statements given by the boy, he was quoted saying:

“He came again and told us that when we got to Tunga Goro, we should go to the cemetery and bring the eyes, private parts and clothes of a dead body.

“He said that he would give me N1,500 and give Salisu N1,500 also. So we went to the cemetery at Tungan Goro, but a policeman came on a bike and asked us what we were doing there.

“We told him that we were easing ourselves, but he was not convinced by our explanation. He asked whether we did not know that we were in a cemetery.

“That was how he held us, but Salisu escaped.”

Lawali also revealed going on similar missions in Bosso, but denied knowing the residence of his employer, Hamisu.

According to Public Relations Officer of the Niger State Police Command, Officer Abiodun Wasiu, he revealed that; “The suspect was arrested at Chanchaga cemetery when he attempted to exhume a corpse from the grave.”

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