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13 Unique Can’t-Miss Christmas gifts you can give your man this season



It’s the beautiful and bright season with lots of mistletoe!

This joyful Christmas holiday season is nearly upon us, and it means that it’s time to find the best Christmas gifts for your family and friends.

Buying the perfect gift sounds like a lot of pressure. But it’s all in the way you approach it. Look at who you’re buying for. What are they always talking about? What are their hobbies? Connecting your present to something you already know they like is the easiest way to get them something you can be sure they’ll enjoy. From clothes and accessories to booze and tech gear, here’s what to get him.

If you have no idea what to get for the men in your life this Christmas, check out this list of ideas for gifts to get you going.

  • A pair of slippers/shoes

Treat his feet to a pair of very nice slippers/shoes. Everyone deserves nice slippers/shoes.

  • An all-inclusive travel pack

If he’s always on the move, a traveler’s kit is a perfect gift. Check that it has a Neck pillow, Slippers, Eye mask and Ear plugs. He definitely needs these for a more comfortable journey.

  • A duffle bag

For when he’s going on business trips, hitting the gym or even packing for that weekend getaway you just planned together. This could work for almost every man.

  • A good book

If he likes to read then you should buy him a book from his favorite author or something new and nice, around his favorite genre. He’ll love it.

  • A graphic tee

Yup Yup, if he’s a ‘Tee-guy’ he’ll definitely appreciate a new pair or at least a new Tee added to his collection. What’s better than a plain Tee? A graphic Tee!

  • Skin care products

Yasss, everyone needs a good skin care routine. You don’t want the men in your life looking ugh! Gift him a very nice skin care kit and maybe add hair care. He’ll definitely appreciate it.

  • Bluetooth speakers

If he loves music and doesn’t have a Bluetooth speaker yet then you should get him this. Trust me, it’s a dope gift.

  • A dope wristwatch

If he’s a fan of wristwatches, get him a dope one to add to the collection. It’s a fantastic gift.

  • Perfumes

Yo, we all deserve to smell nice. Get him nice perfumes to smell like heaven this christmas and watch him say thank you every day. It’s one of the best gifts out there.

  • Video games

If the men in your life are fans of video games then cop him that console or the new fifa 19. It’s dope!

  • Wallet

A wallet that holds his cards without the bulk. Many guys use their wallets till it starts begging for freedom. Buy him one and he will remember you whenever he pays for anything.

  • Credit alerts

Yup, pounds, dollars, naira, anyone! We all need funds. It’s never enough. Just send funds to his account with description – ‘enjoy the holidays’. Na God go bless you and replenish your pocket. LOL.

There, 13 unique and affordable items. What other gifts do you think you can get? Add in comments box.

  • Netflix Subsription

Especially if he’s the movie loving type!


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