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12 Things to Do Before Your Next Birthday

Birthdays, like the New Year, are a fresh start, which means that they are a great time to create a bucket list.

The most obvious “fresh start” is New Years. However, birthdays are another opportunity to start anew. Think of your next birthday as a “fresh start” and spend the day creating a bucket list of all of the things you are going to achieve before your next birthday.


Here are a few ideas on things to do before your next birthday:


  1. Splurge and have a meal at one of the world’s best restaurants. In the alternative, you can try at least one dish you have never eaten before.


  1. Conquer one of your biggest fears. Everyone’s afraid of something. What are you afraid of? Choose one of these things and start planning now how you are going to get over that fear. This could be fear of heights, fear of rejection, or anything else that makes you shake in your boots. There are few things in life that will give you more of a confidence boost than conquering one of your fears.


  1. Get into the best shape of your life. These days, getting into the best shape of your life is achievable even if you are in your forties. However, it is not a goal that can be put off until the last moment, so you have to keep it going with this one.


  1. Sign up to be a mentor or spend some time volunteering. Teach others something you are knowledgeable about, raise money for a charity, or coach a group of young persons. Opportunities for helping others abound.


  1. Adopt one habit that will have a major positive impact on your life. Ideas include becoming an early riser, starting an exercise program, or writing for an hour every morning. Meet your next birthday with another positive habit under your belt.


  1. Drop one habit that is holding you back. Do you have a bad habit that is sabotaging your efforts to get ahead in life? Drop it within the next 365 days. This can include smoking, eating junk food on a regular basis, and spending too much time watching TV.


  1. Read a book. Get impactful books to read and come one step closer to your goal of being well-read.


  1. Take a 30-day challenge. Taking a 30-day challenge is a great way to jump-start an important goal. For example, you can challenge yourself to exercise for half-an-hour every day, for 30 days or stay away from soda for 30 days. The possibilities for 30-day challenges are endless.


  1. Increase your income. There are many ways to start making more money. Examples include making yourself more valuable at work and then asking for a raise, getting a job that pays more, or starting a business on the side. Start taking steps now in order to be a little bit richer by your next birthday.


  1. Improve your relationships with others. You shouldn’t leave relationships out of your bucket list. It’s important to have a close group of friends you can rely on, and to get along well with others.


  1. Become a better person. You can become a better person by achieving one of your personal development goals. Personal development goals can include things such as becoming more confident, overcoming procrastination, or learning to manage stress effectively.


  1. Put yourself out there. Stop holding yourself back. Make this the year you muster up the courage to make your mark in the world. After all, each birthday is a reminder that you are not getting any younger.

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