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100 level PLASU student, Emmanuel dies during protest



100 level PLASU student, Emmanuel dies during protest

A 100 Level student of Plateau State University (PLASU), Bokkos, identified as Israel Emmanuel supposedly fell off a vehicle during the protest of students has died of injuries.

The deceased, Israel Emmanuel, the Class Rep of the Mathematics Department of PLASU, died in the evening from the head wounds sustained when he tumbled off the vehicle.

The Vice-Chancellor of PLASU, Prof. Yohana Izam, affirmed the death of Emmanuel on Wednesday.

Professor Izam however, depicted the demise of the student as “very sad” and “unfortunate”.

He said, “To us as an institution, Emmanuel’s death is shocking and a great loss to us considering the cause of his death.

“We have been cautioning the students against demonstration and protests, which are not jamborees, yet they keep doing it.

“Our pain and regret is that the Monday protest has robbed us of a precious soul and forced us into mourning.”

In addition, the SUG President, Mr Luepai Ezekiel, affirmed the demise of Emmanuel and showed melancholy over the unexpected death.

He stated, “Emmanuel fell off from one of the vehicles during our protest against the insecurity in the institution and landed with his head on the tarred road.

“We rushed him to the Bokkos Cottage Hospital but unfortunately he couldn’t make it as he died later in the evening of Monday.”