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10 tricks that would make your phone pictures look professional



Sometimes a phone with a good camera isn’t always the case to get nice pictures. Applying some tricks may get others to wonder if you have finally gotten a Nikon camera of your dreams.

  1. Forget Zooming

Professional photographers say that it is better not zoom but get closer to the subject if you want to have good pics. Of course, if it’s possible.

  1. Avoid Flash unless when necessary

The light from the flash setting can leave traces of an unwanted reflection. Instead of using flash, adjust your camera’s ISO and shutter speed settings. You can also use direct light from a flashlight. It may not always give you the perfect effect, but it is worth trying.

  1. Crop your photosYou can change the impression of your pictures dramatically just by cropping

  2. FocusA beautiful detail in a picture can be shown only if the viewers eyes are directed to it. Focus on your phone’s camera can help you do that flawlessly.

  3. DIY Multicolored filterCover your camera with a strip of clear cellotape and paint with markers of colors as you wish

  4. DIY Camera stabilizerUse a soft drink bottle as a camera stabilizer. Use a rubber band to hold the mobile phone around a bottle.

  5. Macro LensA macro lens allows you to photograph very small objects in fine detail. Use a drop of water to make your own macro lens.

  6. Delicate photos with Needle and Business cardMake a tiny hole in a business card, and place it in front of the camera to get soft delicate photos.

  7. Taking Photos from above

Attach your phone to the ceiling with tape to get the perfect shot from above.

  1. Plain backgroundAttach a placemat or a piece of paper (white or colored) to the wall to take a photo without any sharp angles or corners.

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