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10 Book Titles That Would Make You Scream

Book Publishers in the last century were either full of pun or didn’t care about reviewing book titles or book covers. A world where words were used harmlessly, without any hidden meaning.

  1. This book teaches you the REAL art of SLAYING, distinguishes you from the social media queens. And it appears to be written by a Professor!

2. This one teaches you how to make money in your spare time. Like real money!

Mufu Olosha Oko must have read this book to been so successful

3. The days when this book title meant nothing

4. Someone wrote a book about afterlife while still alive?

5. Inner Energy for Enlargement?

6. Apparently Africans weren’t the only ones who knew about sacrifice, these one cared about documentation

He must have studied at Hogwarts

7. What is your poo telling you?

8. Dead and still living? You should read this book!


9. Going on a date soon? You should read this book

10. If only I knew there was a book like this, maybe further Maths wouldn’t have been a problem

And it would only require food?






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