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Watch Drake’s Latest Heartwarming “God’s Plan” ❤


The entire budget for this video was $996,631.90. We gave it all away. Don’t tell the label.

That was the opening caption for Drake‘s new music video titled God’s Plan where he embarks on a million-dollar spree of benevolence.

The rapper hands over stacks of cash to struggling families, surprises kids with toys, takes people shopping, pays for strangers’ groceries, presents teenagers with new cars and donates to institutions like the Lotus Home Women’s Shelter, the University of Miami’s Frost School of Music and the City of Miami Fire Department.

The end of the video sees Drake share a touching moment with a young man where he says;

We’re nothing without our mothers. Gotta make sure you take care of your mom, too, no matter what you do. It’s all we got. Trust me. That’s my world.

Watch the video below:

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