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VIDEO: Mr Eazi’s Releases Parody Of Election Campaign Trail

Singer Mr Eazi has released a new song, ‘Keys To The City (Ogede)’, which is an elaborate parody of election campaign trail.

A few days ago, the singer announced on Instagram that “I will be addressing my constituents on the 5th of October”.

Unsure of what to expect, speculations flew around the comment section of his Instagram page, with many going as far as insisting that he was running for an elective position.

On the D-day, the singer shared another post titled ‘message to my constituents’.

He wrote: “Having heard from numerous youths across the land calling for youthful leadership, I have decided to throw my hat into the electoral ring with a befitting campaign video for the highest office in #Ogede2019.”

But it turns out that his so-called campaign video is a parody about politicians and their pre-election antics.

The singer extends his spoof to President Muhammadu Buhari, recreating the “Nigerian youth are lazy” saga.

“The youths of Ogede, They are not serious, They are not focused. They want free things. It’s not the government’s fault,” Mr Eazi tells his interviewer in the video directed by Meji Alabi.


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