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VIDEO: Listen To Nigeria’s National Anthem In Yoruba #DemocracyDay

Sometime in March, the Lagos state government announced that students in private and public schools must sing the national anthem in Yoruba language daily. 

“The state government is passionate about this law, so we do not lose our language, culture and heritage,” Idiat Adebule, the deputy governor, had said.

Adebule said Wednesdays had been declared ‘Yoruba Speaking Day’ in schools, adding that all teaching and learning activities from assembly period to closing should be done in Yoruba.

In the spirit of Democracy Day and to buttress the March directive, the Lagos state government on Tuesday shared a video of a choir singing the national anthem in Yoruba.

“Here is the Nigeria national anthem in Yoruba language,” it wrote. “LASG is committed to the implementation of the Yoruba language preservation and promotion law.”

The shared video showed men and women dressed in traditional outfits and singing the national anthem in unison.

After the anthem, the choir also recited the national pledge in Yoruba.

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