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How To Value The Small Things In Life

  1. Look for ways to give back. Sometimes the best way to remember the value of small things is to look for random kind acts you can do for others. Do not underestimate the power of giving unused cloths to the janitor in your office, inviting a new co-worker to eat lunch with you, delivering food items at the orphanage, taking the needy widow’s children out to the park or offering to give your friend a lift when a cab is not in view. A little kindness wouldn’t hurt anybody.
  2. Dismiss the need to be noticed. It is so easy to feel like we are being overlooked at home or at work when we are doing the small things, because they are usually not the glamorous things. It can feel more gratifying to be the loudest voice in the room, but we need to remember that just because a voice is the loudest does not mean it is the one making the biggest difference. When we can get to a point where we find value in our contributions, no matter how small, it helps us be secure in who we are and eliminates the need to be constantly noticed.
  3. Slow down. Our daily lives move so fast. Our hectic schedule can cause us to overlook all the little joys life has to offer. Do not be afraid to make time to appreciate the beautiful and free things of life. Listen to the sound of your kids laughing and actually getting along in the back seat or take a walk around to clear your mind and give yourself a mental break. Work and responsibilities will still be there when you return.
  4. Treat yourself to something special. Sometimes you need to treat yourself to something. Buy those red bottoms, read that book or treat yourself to some ice cream. Life is better when you give yourself permission to take advantage of the fact that you are a grown-up and can occasionally splurge on some little thing that makes you happy.
  5. Practice gratitude. The more thankful we are for what we have, the less inclined we are to focus on what we do not have. Gratitude helps us value the small things we often take for granted because we start paying attention to the good things in life. Your overall attitude towards life in general is better if you make myself mentally check off at least something for at the end of each day. The idea of a gratitude jar is just awesome, really. It’s usually not the big moments that make up a life as much. A wise person once said, “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together,” Learn to value the small moments to live a life that’s meaningful beyond measure.


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