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Top 10 Photos Of Aliko Dangote’s Mansion & Toys ($30 Million)

The Aliko Dangote’s cars, private jet and yacht collection 2018 is jaw dropping. Just a look at the collection and you will understand why Dangote is among the filthy rich in Africa. Many would want to know how this self-made African billionaire has managed to make such a fortune because the cost of some of his cars are more than most people’s lifetime earnings. At the same time, his collection of yachts and private jet is another impressive fete that many would wish to have in life.
Aliko Dangote Cars, Private Jet and Yacht Collection 2018 Most successful celebrities tend to develop a knack for big cars and other pricey possessions. But have you ever wondered what kind of possessions the richest people in the world like to have?. Case in point is Aliko Dangote whose wealth status is notably among the top in the continent. With such wealth, it is easy to buy anything he wants. For instance, his garage is dotted with pricey high-end cars whose combined value is unimaginable by any ordinary person.
To help him sustain a high-end lifestyle, Aliko Dangote has invested and owns lots of properties across the world. The Nigerian born billionaire is worth $14.3 Billion as at January 19, 2018 according to Forbes. The business guru is the owner of the Dangote Group. He has earned his fortune from operating different businesses in Nigeria and beyond. Some of his ventures include cement, petrochemicals, mining, food processing, real estate, textiles, freight among many more. One may wonder what he does with all this money. Below are some of his expensive possessions that are worth millions of dollars. The cars, jet, and yacht show how Dangote spends his money when he is not investing it.
Aliko owns a Bombardier private jet. The value of the aircraft was $50 million at the time of buying. Dangote’s travel schedules were becoming tighter hence it was a worthy buy. When traveling in the eight-seater jet though, the business mogul would have an enjoyable time given the jet’s luxurious features. Another important feature of the Dangote jet is that it is capable of non-stop long flights like Nigeria to China, which is important for business travels. After being the first to buy the jet in Nigeria, other businessmen were interested in making the purchase as well.
The Aliko Dangote houses and cars are part of his most priceless possessions. His properties run to billions of dollars. The Alhaji Aliko Dangote cars alone cost millions of dollars. Mr. Aliko Dangote owns a lot of houses in different parts of the world. He has a very expensive house in the United Kingdom which he bought in 2016. The Aliko Dangote cars and houses if brought together can be worth millions or billions of dollars. Aliko Dangote Cars Collection His garage houses the best high class cars that are out of reach for many. If we can have a peak at his garage we will be greeted by a collection of glamorous cars. To start you off is his Mercedes-Benz CL65 AMG. The price of the car can dent your budget forever.
It costs $220,000 and it looks imposing. But if you think this is the most expensive car in the garage then you are totally wrong. This might probably the cheapest. Aliko Dangote Cars, Private Jet and Yacht Collection 2018 Next is his Bentley Mulsanne. The car comes with a price tag of over $310,000. Next in line comes the Maybach 57S Knight Luxury. This car has got extensive features that are luxurious making it worth having. It costs a tune of $1,000,000 but gives him class. Adding class to his style is the $2,000,000 Bugatti Veyron that can speed up to 431 kilometers.
This masterpiece, which is a definition of top class, completes Dangote’s car collection that you can find by searching pictures of Aliko Dangote cars. Alhaji Aliko Dangote Yacht Aliko Dangote Cars, Private Jet and Yacht Collection 2018 Dangote is fairly synonymous with buying expensive ‘toys’ as he calls them. After acquiring a complete collection of expensive and luxury cars, and a private jet, a custom yacht was the next.

The name of the luxury yacht is Mariya. Although smaller compared to Roman Abramovich’s yacht, Mariya is reasonably bigger than his fellow Nigerian billionaire – Femi Otedola.

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