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It is quite unfortunate that most people in this part of the world never credit or ascribe productivity to a result of thinking. We live our lives without a thought out plan, we make decisions without thoroughly using our minds to reason and reflect, we believe no good product can come out of thinking. And the truth however is, there has actually not been any successful legend that lacks the habit of thinking.


If at all you are productive, your productivity will always be very limited if you don’t think. Someone once said, “If you don’t think, you will stink”. What else can be as true as that?


Thinkers are winners and winners are thinkers. Thinking helps you generate powerful ideas; it makes the best out of you. In fact, the best way to stop someone from being successful is to deprive him of his thinking ability. The moment one stops thinking, one starts dying. Thinking has always characterized and will always characterize successful people. As a matter of fact, everything that exists today is a product of thoughts. Every visible innovation today began as a thought in someone’s mind, and inevitably makes the person a successful innovator. You can also become one if only you can develop the habit of creative thinking. You need to cultivate the habit of creative thinking as only those who think get ideas, and only those who have ideas rule the world.


I read a statement few years ago, I will never forget it. It read, “Make your brain work. It will sweat, but make it work. It will improve, it will develop, until you become the envy of others”. Until you task your brain, you can’t generate ideas. And until you generate ideas, your success is not in view. It is the tasking of one’s brain that produces powerful ideas. You need to become a thorough thinker. Ideas that rule the world only come through thorough brainstorming.


One would have thought he was rude to his mum, but imagine what he produced with his ‘rudeness’. He has given us one of the best inventions in the world; Microsoft. “I am thinking, don’t you think?” That was Bill Gate’s response to his mum, one day she was calling him while he was busy meditating in his thinking room. How many of us have or intend to include such room (‘thinking room’) in our buildings? Thank God Bill Gate’s thinking room helps us communicate better today and has also made him a man to reckon with in the world! That is what thinking can do for you! Unlimited success!

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