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Tania Omotayo Calls Out Company Owing Her For Eight Months


Brand influencer, Tania Omotayo has reportedly called out a company owing her money for up to eight months. She dragged them on social media saying if they if they can’t keep up, they shouldn’t hire celebrities to influence their brand.

Tania who is known for her gentle nature shocked a lot of social media users as she angrily went on a ranting spree

Though she did not disclose the name of the company, it is evident that the funds have not been paid to her for up to eight months. Her message read;

“Some Nigerian companies actually take the piss…. there’s a company that has been owing me money for months I’ve been reminding them about money they owe me for months. Today one story tomorrow another story. I’ve been so patient but now it’s ridiculous. . So I need help guys.”

“We had a contract for a certain period of time. The payment was in 4 installments, tell me why I had to chase and
disturb them for weeks before I got every single payment. There was always a story. But I was always very
patient and very understanding.”

“Running a business in this country is not easy. But if you know you cannot keep up don’t hire influencers celebrities for your brand. It’s so simple

“l just checked my messages I’ve been reminding this company about my balance since January. We are now in August …… .. Wonderful.”

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