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What Smart People Would Not Do

  • They do not heavily rely on others: This is not to say you cannot have friends, family members or coworkers you can trust and rely on. Everyone should have someone they can count on when they need some help. The key word here is ‘heavily’, this only portrays you as powerless. You can have a brilliant mind, outstanding intelligence, etc. but if you do not put those traits to good use, then you will only come off as incompetent.
  • They do not act irresponsibly: Do not mistake this statement as “Smart people don’t have fun” or “Smart people are boring.” You can have fun or have a good laugh. Irresponsibility does not equal boring, it only suggests that you like to have an organized lifestyle. We all have certain responsibilities, and they are not always imposed by someone else. Putting them off for no valid reason is simply preparing yourself for stress later on.
  • They do not dwell on their errors: When we think about and dwell on what we have done wrong in, uncertainty sets in. What if we make the same mistake? We can kill our chances of doing great things by worrying about what we have done or have not done in the past.  If you fail, start over again from scratch. It would neither make you weak nor foolish. Keep your gears turning, and do not let past mistakes hold you down. Even the best and most successful persons will tell you that they have made their share of mistakes.
  • They do not rely on good luck to solve their problems: Luck should only take credit for a fragment of your success, considering that relying on it too frequently will only suffocate your ambition. Besides, smart people would never permit luck to take glory for all their hard work.
  • They do not give up on their ideas regardless: There would have been no Kentucky Fried Chicken today if giving up was that easy. A wise person knows when he or she should push the envelope and stand firm when the situation takes a turn for the worst. There is a difference between when someone gives your idea a chance and did not like it in the end and someone not giving your idea a chance at all. Fight for your chance to shine, or try finding someone else who will hear you out and appreciate your idea.
  • They do not overestimate their abilities: Ambition and hard work are healthy and nothing to be ashamed of, but without moderation, these qualities can be dangerous. The insatiable desire for advancement in something can cloud your perspective, and make you lose grip on other important aspects of life.
  • They do not allow their pride to get in the way: It is not rare that once you become so brilliant and successful, you tend to automatically castigate the opinion of everyone around you. Not only that, but you may often find yourself rejecting a good initiative simply because you are not the one who thought of it. Smart people rely on their reasoning and if too much pride interferes with it, then it is a feature not worth nurturing.
  • They do not put all their eggs in one basket: Always have backup plans, alternatives, etc. This does not imply that you should be discouraged and back off when things do not go as planned.
  • They do not lie to themselves: They do not live in the illusion that life will be easy. Smart people know how to pick themselves up and make a comeback. They work on their confidence, and don’t expect things to get easier. Even when things appear to be easy, never let down your guard. Having some downtime is okay but confronting and tackling new problems is what they live for.


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