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The Road To Wealth Is Education, Not School!


road to wealth Education? I was with my mentor few days ago, a man I admire so much. Not just because of his wealth and business acumen, but his unique perception of life. To me, he discovered the entrepreneurial part when the road was still green and rosy; so I thought. But I was wrong.. He told me;“Henry, if I had known what I know today, I would have been the greatest man in history. I won’t have wasted my years in the university” I took the word “greatest man” as an exaggeration as my expression depicts a smirk. But he was serious, with his eyes affixed to mine. That really made me uncomfortable cause I have never seen him this serious before.

To the world, he’s a successful business man. But he still wish he was more. That have become his own burden; so he told me. Our recent encounter taught me a lot. Yes! It further proved to me that the greatest treasure every aspiring great man or woman should seek for is education . Like I always say, knowledge is power!

However, is school forging us with that tool of knowledge? Are we really passing through true education? Suli Break said and I quote;

“if there be a family tree, school should be a distant cousin”

When I was trying to grasp the realities of what’s before me, the real world that awaits every one of us, my mind keep crashing down cause I couldn’t decipher its makeups. How does school hinder our true purpose in life? What is there to learn as an entrepreneur? Someone once told me that school was meant to keep youths off the street. It doesn’t make sense, but a deeper understanding will trigger something you never know. It’s just like a veil, a program, keeping us from beating the norms in our society. It’s a norm to go to school.. It’s a norm to graduate with good grades. It’s also a norm to graduate and stay for a year without a job. Here in Nigeria, anomalies are norms.

In as much as it breaks my beautiful heart, i would keep waking people to the truth that school is not the road to wealth like they were taught; but the beginning of woes. Many think that school is the road to wealth. They have gone through school with the wrong motive only to end up in disappointment and oblivion.

I love school a lot, it’s the perfect place to cram facts and figures. It’s also an amazing place to learn theories that will never be used. Those are really good. But are they really leading us to financial freedom? Is that the road to wealth? I came across a fresh graduate and he was so bittered. He graduated with 2:2 and doubted his chances of getting a job. In a country where almost 30 million graduates are unemployed, what chance does a 2:2 carrier have? To avoid building castles in the sky, he resorted to learning a skill. What if he had gone to an institution that educated him on that said skill? He would been a guru no doubt. Education and school where once conjoined twins. They was a time when school was all about education. Unfortunately, both have gone their separate ways and our Nigerian students are yet to see that.

The road to wealth is knowledge and it comes through education, not school. When that knowledge is used to solve a problem in the society, wealth comes as a reward. Bill Gate solved the need of the world by founding Microsoft and today, he’s the richest in the world. He was a Harvard student. However, he had to pause school cause it was a distraction to purpose. Mark Zuckerberg brought the world together through Facebook, which was once seen as impossible. Now, he’s the fifth richest man in the world. He’s also among these pioneering entrepreneurs that gave school a break to pursue their dream.

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Education is the key, not school. Education is the way! Until you’re able to see the difference, you’ll never rise to your true potential. You’ll be like a person who’s still in the dark, yet to know the truth. I have seen many wise men say, “I wish I knew this when I was your age” This has made me realise that the success of a man lies on what he knows. It’s not about going to school, it’s about acquiring education and putting what you’ve learnt into solving a problem. The road to wealth is fulfilment is not found in this system called school.


Before you start devouring information in pursuit of knowledge, first of all discover your passion. Remember, we’re talking about a road to wealth here. What kind of information do you think will give you the wealth and the fulfillment you deserve?

Many people loves to sing. Some like myself loves writing. Others might love football or business. Whatever it is you love doing, there’s a high chance that you’ll do well and excel in them; and ultimately make you a rich person in life.

For instance, someone that loves business a lot should be ready to read lots of business books. Reading is not enough anyway, he should be able to go practical by discovering a business that tally with his passion and then go ahead into learning the tricks involved. Nothing will be able to stop him except himself.

When you’ve discover that which you can die for, read lots and lots of books to know more.. If it’s a skill, learn more.. Hone it.. Train to be an expert. Believe me, it’s not easy, but it’s fun cause it’s passion. In time of loneliness and crisis, it’s only passion that will keep driving you forward.


Everybody wants to be at the top, but not everyone is ready to pay the price. As an undergraduate, a graduate, a worker.. You can still walk this path and make it. You can never be too old or too young for success.

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