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What You Should Do And Not Do After Getting Your First Job

Do Your Job Diligently

Diligence is a rare trait in the workforce and makes you a valuable asset that is not easily replaceable. When you are starting out your first three to six months are the most crucial days because you need to impress. People will form opinions about you depending on how well you perform. Do not give them the satisfaction of having something negative to say about your work. Be on time, be diligent and keep your eyes on the prize. This also puts you ahead of the pack.

Do Not Be Too Trusting

It is crucial that you identify and recognize deceitful individuals in your workplace, as they have the potential to wreak damage on your career.  Take your time to know who they are and what they stand for. You can be cordial with people but let it not get personal. Colleagues may be out to manipulate you, so proceed with caution.

Do Mind Your Own Business

The office rumours and small talks can be interesting stories but also remember it can come back to bite you. If the gossip is talking about other people behind their backs to you, they’re probably also bashing you to other people. Rumors can harm reputations and others’ feelings, so steer clear. It is always best to excuse yourself and leave the conversation.

Do Create Boundaries With Coworkers

Be respectful and cordial but respect the parameters of your working relationship. Your boss for instance, will always have the company’s interests at heart because your work directly reflects on him. So even if you have a chat with him about updates from “Game of thrones” series after work in the evening, it does not excuse you from a query that will welcome you the next day if you have not gotten a task that is due by then done. This can even be more complicated for a new employee who is a lady with a male supervisor because being a ‘friend’ opens a window for all sorts. Be friendly and courteous but set clear boundaries.

Do Build Your Network

Build your network. You can meet a mentor along the way, learn from them and improve on yourself.

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