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New Thinking, New Nation! Attend The NextGen Presidential Roundtable

2019 is no doubt going to be an important year in the history of Nigeria. It is the year Nigerians decide who would lead this great nation – for better, or for worse.

Not to be overly dramatic, but 2019 is the beginning or the end for Nigeria.

Which is why it is pertinent that we, Nigerians, engage presidential candidates in a heart-to-heart discussion to know what they have to deal with the myriad of challenges facing the most populous black nation on earth. Let us test the depths and strength of character of those who would lead us on this journey into the future has begun for Nigeria.

This is why Accountability, Candour and Transparency Network (ACT NETWORK) has organised a live presidential forum tagged: NEXT-GEN PRESIDENTIAL ROUNDTABLE with the theme: NEW THINKING; NEW NATION.

Practical solutions to national issues with a contemporary approach to dealing with teething challenges will be explored.

Join this historic event on 27th May, 2018 at the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry Events Centre. Time is 3pm – 7pm.

It’s time to chart the course for our future!

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