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Why You Should Attend The National Internship Conference

For over 6 years, my work at SESEWA has been simple- To increase youth employability through internships and other career related platforms.
And YES, have we put in the work required; running employability bootcamps; creating structures around Internships and getting rewarded for it.
For these 6 years, we know the awesome work we do is not enough compared to the huge challenges facing youth unemployment in the world not to talk of our country, Nigeria. We started asking ourselves important questions; how can we make our voices louder? How can we bring all stakeholders together under an umbrella to share the burning issues that affect youth? How do we share our experiences of how Internships work and how they are a simpler route to bringing industry to the classroom? How can we change the minds of students to embrace unpaid internships while government creates a policy that protects them?
How can government expand the idea of the SIWES programs in a way that includes private sector and universities without hassles?
Why is the internship industry important ?
So many questions, but we sure found the answer.
We have taken the next step. Bring everyone together, and let us talk.
Register for the National Internship Conference holding at Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry, 1 Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria Island Lagos on May 16th, 2018.
Attendance is FREE but Registration is required.

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