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How To Make The Workplace Less Boring And More Engaging.


Break the boredom!!!………………………………at work.

All work and no play makes your employees’ actually dull. Who says the work place has to be boring, stiff and rigid? If you want to motivate your team and get refreshed, you should encourage fun activities apart from work.You can bring some life to work too.

See a few tips on how you can make work less boring and more engaging.

Decorate your workplace: A messy and disorderly office can never bring pleasure to work. Your employees spend half of their time at work, so help them not to dread coming to work. Make sure you provide a work space that is attractive and interesting. You should also allow your employees to decorate their desk; it is a great morale booster.

Celebrate after every goal achievement: If you want your team to be happy and productive, go for small team parties after every goal accomplishment. It brings motivation and zeal in your employees to do something different. Such activities make your employees realize they are making progress and they are valuable resources. Appreciation and rewards are very important for employee productivity.

Celebrate employees’ birthdays: The best way to make your employees happy is to celebrate their birthday. Give them some surprise on their birthday. Cut cake, order some snacks, decorate their desk, take pictures etc.

Celebrate employees’ work anniversary:  Mark each employee’s’ work anniversary. Give your employees perks for adding a year to their service. You can give them a gift or a gift card. This kind of approach also makes your employees promising.

Create a tea/games room: Let your employees take regular breaks. Of course, one can take a break away from their desk. For that, create breakout rooms where employees can sit and relax. You can furnish such rooms with games such as scrabble, chess set etc to relieve your employees’ from the stress. Such places bring life to work

Plan a group trip/retreat: Going out on a trip with your colleagues is always a good plan to bring change. It is a great way to have fun and build relationships with those you daily come across. Socializing and collaborating with your colleagues brings comfort to work, you can communicate better, build trust and have fun at work.

Have a happy hour after close of work on Fridays: Many employees can relate with the Friday feeling. While they wait for 5:00pm to clock off from work, they had switched off since noon and have started looking forward to the work-free days. You can organize a happy hour at work for your employees’ for about an hour or thereabout. At such event, employees can also interact with persons at top positions in a rather relaxed atmosphere/ environment.


Go for team lunch or dinner: You should plan team lunch or dinner at particular times. Such events not only motivate employees but also attract them to work more and more. This is a great way to resolve big and small issues in your team.


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