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How To Make A Journal The Most Powerful Tool In Your Life


Do you know journaling could help you earn more money, strengthen relationships, overcome addictions, become more insightful, and ultimately, live a happier life? Journaling is a way for you to organize your thoughts on paper and have a deeper conversation with yourself. Your journal is the place where you jot down your feelings of joy and anger, hope and despair, excitement and depression, love and sadness and whatever is of importance to you as a person.  It helps you hold yourself accountable for personal and professional growth. A structured journal provides a framework for making your goals tangible by creating action steps and consistent assessment of your habits, achievements and shortcomings.


How do you create this structure?

  1. Write every single day.

Morning is an ideal time so you can get it out of the way and think about what you will accomplish for the day. Its just a perfect time to think through your plans and hopes for the day in writing. Write about your most important goal for the day, write on what you want to vent about, write down things you are grateful for, write down something you learnt etc.

  1. Assess your behaviors and actions.

Use the end of each week to think about what you accomplished during the week and what you could have done better. Record your progress and setbacks you have encountered while trying to achieve an important goal. Use regular time frames for assessments – one week, one month etc to hold yourself accountable and continuously make improvements. When you feel like you are losing your motivation to keep moving forward it’s a good idea to take out your journal and look back at the progress you’ve already made toward the achievement of your goal

  1. Become accountable in all you do.

The biggest excuse is time. “I’m too busy!” By writing down and reflecting on your actions, you become more mindful and notice every single time this happens. When you make the commitment to write in a journal, you are training yourself to take more initiative in your life and take responsibility in all you do.

If you are ready to start a journal, you could use a paper and pen over a computer. It might help to buy a really nice notebook(a hardcover maybe) to write in, or to have your favourite drink or snack during your journaling time. The point is to just get started!



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