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Kanye West’s Full Album Hits Billboard Top 40

It’s a new win for rapper Kanye West as all the songs on his latest album ‘Ye’ now have a spot in the Billboard Top 40 chart.

With thousands of daily plays on sites like Apple Music and Spotify, the entire seven-track record has found its way to the top.

The ‘Famous’ rapper now joins the scant list of artistes to have achieved the feat.

‘Yikes’ came in the highest at No. 8 on the top 10.

‘All Mine’ came in next at No. 11 followed by ‘Ghost Town’ debuting at No. 16.

‘Wouldn’t Leave’ at No. 25, ‘Violent Crimes’ at No. 27, ‘I Thought About Killing You’ at No. 28, and ‘No Mistakes’ at No. 36.

Kanye West has also earned his eighth No. 1 album on Billboard 200 chart which ties him with Eminem and The Beatles for the longest streak of No. 1 albums.

The Chicago-born rapper now has 49 Top 40 hits.

Only four days ago, he released ‘Kids See Ghosts’, his new collaboration album with Kid Cudi.

‘Kids See Ghosts’ is the third album released by G.O.O.D Music in a matter of weeks.

Pusha T’s controversy-steeped and beef-starting ‘Daytona’ album set the ball rolling. Pusha, who heads G.O.O.D Music, has said the record label will give fans a “surgical summer”.

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