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JAMB Brochure: Complete ​List Of Courses Under The Faculty Of Agriculture


List  of Courses in Faculty of Agriculture
» Agric- Business

» Agricultural Administration

» Agricultural Economics

» Agricultural Economics and Extension

» Agricultural Economics and Farm Management

» Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology

» Agricultural Extension and Rural Development

» Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology

» Agricultural Extension Services

» Agricultural Resource Extension

» Agriculture

» Agriculture Cooperative Management

» Agronomy

» Animal Breeding and Genetics

» Animal Nutrition

» Animal Nutrition and Biotechnology

» Animal Physiology

» Animal Production

» Animal Production and Fisheries

» Animal Production and Health

» Animal Production and Health Service

» Animal Science

» Animal Science and Fisheries

» Animal Science and Fisheries Management

» Animal Science and Range Management

» Animal Science and Technology

» Crop And Environmental Protection

» Crop Production

» Crop Production And Horticulture

» Crop Production and Landscape Management

» Crop Production And Protection

» Crop Production And Soil Science

» Crop Production Technology

» Crop Protection

» Crop Science

» Crop Science And Biotechnology

» Crop Science And Horticulture

» Crop Science And Production

» Crop Science And Technology

» Crop, Soil And Environmental Science

» Crop, Soil And Pest Management

» Eco-Tourism and Wildlife Management

» Environmental Management And Toxicology

» Family, Nutrition and Consumer Sciences

» Fisheries

» Fisheries and Aquaculture

» Fisheries And Aquaculture Technology

» Fisheries And Aquatic Environment Management

» Fisheries And Aquatic Resources Management

» Fisheries and Wildlife Management

» Fisheries Management

» Fisheries Technology

» Food Science

» Food Science And Nutrition

» Food Science And Technology

» Food Science with Business

» Forestry

» Forestry / Forest Resources Management

» Forestry and Environmental Management

» Forestry and Environmental Technology

» Forestry And WildLife

» Forestry And Wildlife Management

» Forestry And Wildlife Technology

» Forestry and Wood Technology

» Forestry Wildlife And Fisheries

» Home And Hotel Management

» Home Economics

» Home Economics And Food Management

» Home Science

» Home Science and Management

» Home Science, Nutrition and Dietetics

» Horticulture

» Hospitality And Tourism Management

» Hotel Management and Tourism

» Livestock Production Technology

» Nutrition And Consumer Services

» Nutrition and Dietetics

» Pasture and Range Management

» Plant Breeding And Seed Science

» Plant Breeding and Seed Technology

» Plant Physiology and Crop Production

» Plant Science and Biotechnology

» Plant Science and Crop Production

» Soil Science

» Soil Science and Environmental Management

» Soil Science And Land Agro-Climatology

» Soil Science and Land Management

» Soil Science Management

» Veterinary Science

» Water Resources And Agrometeorology

» Water Resources, Aquaculture and Fisheries Technology

» Wildlife Management

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