Home NEWS ”I Joined Presidential Race To Fight For Nigerians” – Bukola Saraki

”I Joined Presidential Race To Fight For Nigerians” – Bukola Saraki


Politicians run for office for various reasons. Some run for office to embezzle money, some just like the title of the office they are running for, some just want to feel the softness of the presidential seat on their behind.

Senate president, Bukola Saraki, apparently doesn’t fall into any of these categories–at least that is what he’s saying. Saraki says he is in the running to become Nigeria’s president in 2019 so he can fight for the rights of Nigerians.

According to him, his presidential ambition is not in anyway personal.

Lmao, such a selfless human being

Saraki said this yesterday in Enugu state where he went to consult with PDP members in the state ahead of the party presidential primaries in October.

‘It takes a politician who knows the problems of the masses to bring solution and unity to the people. I am here to tell you that we have a project. The country is not as it was three years ago. We are all concerned about the insecurity in the land, the unemployment and hunger in the country. Many youths today do not have any job and the future is not okay for them and we do not have time to continue to wait and things continue to deteriorate.”

‘For me and us in the national assembly, it is not for personal ambition, we have continued to fight for the right of the people, for justice and freedom in this democracy. We are fighting for people to be able to exercise and express their views and opinions without any form of intimidation or oppression. We have gone through a lot, I and your son, Ike Ekweremadu, since we have decided to fight for what is right”.


Saraki urged the people of Enugu south-east to stand by him as he plans to change the leadership of the executive.

“A president that understands the issues facing Nigerians, a president that will unite the whole country, that will create jobs and identify with the youths in their aspirations. Without unity and working together we cannot build a progressive nation’ he said

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