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How To Value What You Have


As the proverb has it: “You only know what you have got when it’s gone.” Unfortunately, many people only realize the fortune they had when they lose it. We have become so accustomed to the blessings in our daily life that we take most of it for granted. There are only a few that take the time to enjoy the beauty of the moment, make time for a moment of gratitude or try to discover the blessing that already exists in their lives. Instead, everyone’s attention is primarily focused on the things they do not possess, from materialistic things, interpersonal relationships to various ideals of beauty.

Most hope to fill the emptiness within them by the accumulation of materialistic things and that’s because most cannot value what they already have. We hope for big, bright and fascinating miracles, but we have forgotten a long time ago to take notice of the small wonders that happen day after day.

Discovering the advantages of your life is not difficult. All it takes is the willingness to look at your life from a different perspective than you are used to but when you make yourself aware of people that have less and their unique capability to make much of less, maybe you can begin to appreciate your life some more.

  1. Discover the true treasures in your life

Sometimes, people are too blinded by the fancy and glorious objects in the distance so that they cannot take notice of the true treasures that are present in their lives. Most of these treasures might not sparkle like diamonds, they cannot be sold and have no price tag, but more often than not they turn out to be the priceless things that make your life not only worth living but you also a very wealthy.

Walk through life with open eyes and discover the true value of the things you have taken for granted. Learn to appreciate the little things, like the hot meal you have day after day, to see how fortunate you are already. It takes no luxury or wealth to live an amazing life. The true bliss of life lies not so much in materialistic things, but in the wonderful moments you share with your family, beloved ones, and friends.


  1. Keep a gratitude log

That’s a very simple yet effective practice in order to value what you have! The next time you get up, simply go over the elements in your life you are grateful for. From your family, friends to your job, health, there are no limits. Think about all the things that make you realize how blessed you are. If you face difficulties in the beginning, it could turn out to be helpful to start this exercise by writing down every treasure and everything you value in your life in a gratitude log. The advantage of putting your list down in writing is that you can always add new things to your gratitude log.


  1. Appreciate the common problems in your life

This is all about putting your struggles into perspective. The daily problems that you encounter in life might be a pain in the neck, but there will be always people who can only dream of such trivial problems.

Be happy for the very foundations of your life. Learn to discover the value of every aspect of your life, even if it has become mundane to you. Never stop dreaming about your goals and visions, but don’t worry about the things you currently don’t have.

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