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How To Harness A Growth Mindset


Maximizing your strengths always puts you in a position to be more successful and keeps you feeling energized when you work within your talents. While playing to your strengths is a great tactic for success, dismissing your weaknesses can hold you back. Caroline Dweck says; the most successful people in life believe that everything develops and grows. Believing that your talents, skills and competencies are static is a lie you are telling yourself. You simply need to work on your mindset to believe that you can absolutely get better at whatever you put your mind to.
Here are a few tips to remember whenever you find yourself doubtful and you think that you are not good enough for something. Harnessing a growth mindset will remind you that you are not bad.
1. Identify where you feel your skills are inborn or predetermined.
Examine yourself and consider what things you feel drawn to but you have shut out the thought by convincing yourself that you are not just good enough. Identifying these competencies is the first step in creating an action plan to improve them. Try listing out all of the things you have ever assumed you are not good at with emphasis on the one or two you wish you were better at. That’s all you need do to discover a skill worth putting your energy toward.
2. Measure your efforts
Anyone who is great at something must have dedicated time and energy toward it. Nobody becomes a super human overnight, a lot of efforts had to go into it. Everything about you can get better with effort. If you track and measure where you started and how you progress, you will be fueled with more encouragement to keep pressing.
3. Get ready to stretch yourself and act.
Anyone who does something they might be weak at feels the discomfort of a stretch but most importantly, they do it anyway. While they feel the stretch, they keep going for it. Having a growth mindset keeps you moving toward that stretch instead of away from it. When you stretch yourself, you will know that you would be able to attain the new level you so desire eventually.
You are not stagnant, you are not still and you are not bad at it. Fiercely believe that you can, and you will.

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