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Gifty Powers Mocks Lilian Afegbai; Says She Begs For Champagne At The Club


Former BBNaija reality TV star, Gifty Powers has taken to social media to blast actress, Lilian Afegbai for being a right hypocrite. Last year, Lilian gave Gifty several German Suplexes (metaphorically speaking, of course) for incessantly posting nude pictures on social media.

Lilian Afegbai wrote:

“Not judging!!just read between the lines and get the message.. I get it,desperate times call for desperate measures. It feels like the fame is leaving you and you have to do whatever it takes to stay in the news. I was almost lost as well till I had to grow up and reevaluate myself. I asked myself one question. What is it you really want Temporary fame or consistency?? Do u want to be controversial and have temporary fame? Or do u want to go slow steady and remain relevant for a very long time?I picked relevance. Do you want to have 700,000 fake followers or do you want to have 300 loyal followers? I picked 300 loyal followers.
Do u want moi moi endorsement or do u want to get fried rice,chicken and salad endorsement? I picked fried rice. At some point I want to let loose and go nude and twerk all day but then I can do that in my bathroom and still smile.

Do u want to be on instablog everyday or do u want to be on Linda ikeji or bellanaija once a month Anyways what am trying to say is that,never forget your values and don’t always go with the trend.

It is not easy cause am still learning how this poo called life,fame,popularity works cause am still not there yet But guess what You can be sexy with clothes on…. Lilian take note .The sky is enough for all the stars I want to know your thoughts really”.

After about 8 months later, Lilian, decided to do what she has been criticizing Gifty Powers of. She posted some sultry photos and dropped a message that many see as a shade at Tonto Dikeh who did cosmetic surgery last year.

She wrote:

”Why was I considering surgery ????🤔🤔 Self love is the best love, love my body and small boobs. I pray nothing makes me go under the knife.
Not the new trend, not a man, not peer pressure, not even society.”

Observing the hypocritical nature of Lilian Afegbai, Gifty Powers decided to call her out by pointing out that she is now doing what she criticized her of. She also mocked her with claims that she cannot afford cosmetic surgery and that she once saw her begging for champagne at a night club.

Gifty Powers wrote:

”Some people are just meant to be useless forever. You condemn a pic I posted on IG, which I wasn’t bothered cuz MADDNESS NO GET SIZE. Now, you posted a pic and said you can never do body surgery, my dear jst kukuma say that you can not afford the fee

… and that you are just managing your life. Besides what do you expect from someone who stands and begs for champagne in the club during the BBN finals celebration, hehe… She’s loco..”

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